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Our Story

 Who Is Ethereal Leaf 
Ethereal Leaf is a pioneer in the global hemp market. Our calling is to set the standard for the highest quality consumable goods. We are dedicated to improving our community through education on hemp and the creation of innovative industrial hemp products.
New research and anecdotes are leading people to become more accepting of cannabis, allowing the hemp industry to make this exciting comeback. With the right amount of care and honesty in educating your customers, you can thrive with us by offering truly great products.

The Leading Hemp Consulting  Provider

Ethereal Leaf specializes in the distribution of high-quality Hemp & hemp nutritional products and dietary supplements. We utilize specialized high-volume trade channels to ship nationwide with efficiency and cost-effectiveness and boast an extensive range of products including cutting-edge hemp-derived edibles and some of the most popular hemp supplements on the market today.

All supplements and nutritional products sourced by Ethereal Leaf are laboratory tested in multiple facilities by third parties to ensure purity, safety, and consistency – we retain the test results to prove it.

Here at Ethereal Leaf, we strive to offer only the most eclectic, trusted, and effective hemp supplements. Upon request, we can readily provide our clients with certificates of analysis (COAs) for all the products we distribute.

We comb the market to find premium effective and popular hemp-based products for our clients. Our high standards ensure that all our products are top tier. We have declined numerous hemp products that did not meet our standards.

Our brands are manufactured in the united states, so we’re excited to have more opportunity to create and maintain strict quality and safety guides with our own trusted employees. For the third party brands we don’t make, we have hand-selected out of many challengers. Since we constantly test new products on the market, here you will find only the ones that continuously prove to be the high quality that they advertise.

A Turn-Key Trading Solution

Ethereal Leaf also offers turn-key solutions for firms that wish to enter the market of hemp-based products and supplements.

  • We specialize in hemp wholesale trading. Since we handle large volumes of the most popular hemp products, we can help your business expand into this lucrative and socially beneficial market.

  • We also offer attractive private labeling solutions for our business customers to launch their own hemp supplements with their own label.

  • Our private labeling solutions can be coupled with custom formulation so our business customers can create their own custom formulas for PL hemp supplements, always adhering to state and federal regulations.

  • We also offer competitive drop-shipping options to our business customers, empowering them to utilize our robust distribution network to trade in large volume.

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